Inter-house Badminton Results

Inter-house badminton

Beginning at the February weekend and running through until the Easter holidays the Inter-house badminton was played each Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime. It was great to have a large entry of junior boys with 18 putting their names forward to play, in the junior girls section there were 7 entries and 5 senior boys entered the competition. Juniors played up to 15points, seniors up to 21points and in each final match we played the best of three games to ensure the fairest possible result.

In the junior boys section there were numerous high scoring matches and strong players. However, by the semi-final Max Hampton (S1) had earned his place against Neil Sutherland (S3) and Adam Maclean (S1) was drawn against Vincent Davis (S3). Both first year boys put up a strong fight and certainly earned their place in the semi-finals however, with a two year advantage both S3 boys won their retrospective matches and progressed to the final. The final we observed some excellent badminton skills, with both players matching each other in terms of fitness and skill levels. Both boys won one game apiece which brought it down to the final game where Neil dominated to win the Junior Inter-house Champion title. Well done Neil.  Another well done goes to Ailsa Bruce who played extremely well throughout the tournament winning all her matches to earn the title of Junior Girls Inter-house Champion. In the senior boys competition Kevin Maclean dominated play throughout the tournament, winning all his games to become our senior boys champion. A special mention goes to Ryan Sutherland who unfortunately was drawn in the first round against Kevin however; he certainly gave him his closes game in the competition. Thank you to all who entered and all who came along to watch and support your house. The following point will be awarded to each house:

Junior Girls                          Ailsa Bruce                          10points               Dunrobin

Junior Boys                         Neil Sutherland                 10points               Caribsdale

Senior Boys                        Kevin Maclean                  10points               Carbisdale