Rural Skills

National 4 Skills for Work: Rural Skills develops the skills, knowledge and attitudes, needed for work in the land-based industries.

This Rural Skills Course allows candidates to begin to develop some of the basic practical skills necessary to work in most of the land-based disciplines — areas such as agricultural livestock, equine industries, horticulture, landscaping, agricultural crops and animal care. The Course also provides the opportunity to explore the very diverse employment prospects that exist in land-based industries. There is then a choice of a plant or an animal route, where candidates can develop some of the basic skills for the chosen route.

Learners will develop:

  • understanding of the workplace and the employee’s responsibilities
  • for example time-keeping, appearance, customer care
  • self-evaluation skills
  • positive attitude to learning
  • flexible approaches to solving problems
  • adaptability and positive attitude to change
  • confidence to set goals, reflect and learn from experience

This will be achieved by pupils carrying out work placements with local rural businesses every Wednesday morning, followed by a teaching period in which they gather evidence of their employability skills and complete assessments.