Physics is the most fundamental of the sciences, it explains “how nature works”.

Students are educated in how physics is used to the benefit of mankind in many and varied applications in science, technology and everyday life.

Studying physics helps pupils develop the problem solving and numerical skills so desired by industry.

S1/2/3 Broad general education

In S1 pupils follow an integrated science course. S2 and S3 sees pupils rotate around 13 week blocks of physics, chemistry and biology in order to benefit from specialist teaching in these areas. In physics we look at motion and electronics in S2 and waves and electricity in S3. These broad topics allow pupils to experience all the level 3 outcomes and progress to level 4 in some areas. Further details on the outcomes can be found here

S4/5/6 Senior phase

National 4

SQA National 4 Physics.

National 5

SQA National 5 Physics


SQA Higher Physics

Advanced higher

SQA Advanced Higher Physics