Parent Council

Parent Forum and Parent Council

All parents of Dornoch Academy pupils are automatically members of the parent forum.

Every year, 20 parents can become members of the Parent Council. From these 20 office bearers are appointed at an AGM, currently, these are:

Chair                              Yvonne Brown

Vice Chair                      Susan Messem

Treasurer                      Claire Riddell

Secretary                        Jen Mackay

Clerk to the Council    Jen Mackay

The Parent Council also consists of staff members including the Head Teacher and the local Councillors.

Our role is to support the school in any way we can, fundraising, consulting on developments etc. This allows parents to have a real say in the life of Dornoch Academy and to work with staff to ensure the best learning outcomes for our children.

The Council are looking for more members to join us, we meet approximately 4 times a year at the school. The date of our next meeting is at 7.00 pm on Thursday 23 November 2017 in the school.

The next AGM will take place at 7.00 pm on Thursday 20 September 20167 at the school, this will be followed by the first Parent Council meeting of the year.

We understand that people are busy and may not wish to commit to joining the Parent Council, but we are also looking for volunteers to help the school occasionally at events e.g. serving teas at prize giving.

If you are interested, use the template below and email to

Thank you for considering this request.

I would be interested in joining the Parent Council;


Contact Details:

I would be interested in helping at certain events:


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