Welcome to the Dornoch Academy Website. Dornoch Academy is a vibrant, progressive school preparing our pupils for a full and successful life in the 21st century. Use the links to find out more about the school and the great things that are happening, or get in touch and come and see for yourself.


Dornoch Firth Campus is a close family comprising of Dornoch Academy, Dornoch Primary and Nursery school and Bonar Bridge Primary and Nursery school. Our schools are deeply committed to working with everyone involved with the learning of our children and young people and have a very inclusive, nurturing, family school ethos from age 3 to 18. We are always happy to welcome new families who are about to join our community.

We want our children to be happy, resilient and flourish in all aspects of their development and learning. We are hard-working schools with a strong focus on the wide range of achievements open to our children and young people. Our young people are guided to work creatively and effectively, and to fulfil their aspirations. We aim to have learning led by pupil curiosity; pupils develop imaginative solutions to problems; we encourage open-minded responses to complex issues. We work hand in hand with partners to provide a bespoke education for all young people in order to prepare them for learning, life and work.

Our 3-18 curriculum rationale is focused and aspirational. It is built around the four contexts of learning (curriculum areas and subjects; interdisciplinary learning; ethos and life of the school; opportunities for personal achievement). To ensure that we remain a vibrant and progressive campus, we re-visit our rationale on an annual basis with our partners and school community. This means that we both build on our past and continue to prepare our pupils for a full and successful life as global citizens in the 21st century.