Saltire Awards

Last year from September – December a group of S4 pupils were involved in a volunteering event within the school. A total of 20 pupils put their names forward to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours [of their own free time] where they would plan and host a one-off event for the local community. The pupils decided on hosting a Christmas themed multi-sports event for Dornoch Primary School pupils to attend in the lead up to the school Christmas holidays.

The pupils organised themselves up into ‘group leaders’ and ‘station leaders’ – Group leaders were responsible for taking primary pupils around the circuit and for making sure everyone involved was having fun! The station leaders demonstrated each event for the primary pupils to do throughout the afternoon and made sure each child was safe and knew what to do at each station.

On the day, the event went seamlessly. we received some fantastic feedback from primary pupils who told me that they really enjoyed themselves and felt a lot more confident in coming up to the secondary school next year! The primary pupils also said that our 4th years were funny, kind and very responsible. This shows what a great job the 4th years did in planning, organising and leading the event! As a result of their hard work, 17 of our S4 pupils received a saltire volunteering award. Well done to everyone involved!

Pupils involved:

Mieke Filler Anna Hogarth Alexander Watt Alan MacKenzie
Jem Irving Elise Knibbs Claire Matheson Eilidh Ross-Baker
Aaron Bremner Ian Morrison Mollie Mackinnon Stuart McLennan
Owen Mackay Emily Currie Ben Gagan Finn Westacott
Ashlyn Tode      

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